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No Revs at Start up for about 2-3 mins


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 So, I changed my oil/filter and air filter the weekend.
All went well and the car was fine for 2 days.
No sure if this problem is related but thought I would add just in case.
Car is a Foucs MK2 2.0 TDCi Ghia

No history of any other issues other wise.

The next day the car started fine and off we went.
Drove into town (approx 15m)
Came back about 1hr later and the car started fine.
Went to pull away but the revs would not exceed 1000rpm when the gas pedal was pushed.
In fact the revs actually dropped slightly.
Panic set it...after about 45secs-1m it went ok.
No EML lights on, in fact no lights on the dash at all.
Thought it may have been a little gremlin so drive home.

All the way home car was fine, pulling on the turbo as normal, no smoke or stuttering.

Got in to our drive and turned the engine off.
Started it again and it did the same, no revs for about 1m. Then, as before went back to normal.

Went out this morning and started it for the 1st time today. All was ok. Took it for a little drive with no issues.

Turned it off and left it for about 30m.
Started it again and the revs wont rise above 1000 rpm for about a minute.

The only things I disconnect was 2 air pipes. 



Bit long winded but wanted to try and get all the info in one go.

Any suggestions/assistance would greatly be appreciated

Thank in advance

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Fuel filter changed but no diffrent. 

Had an auto elec out and said there  was no codes stored relsvant to this issue. 

Really dont want to start charging parts if I dont havr to but its wrecking my head... 

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Mate has this and it was a cable on one of the injectors that was shorting out. He only had revs every now and again it was soon weird. He changed SO many parts first as well.. including a new throttle peddle!

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Theres not much that will stop engine from reving,even fueling issues it should rev up slowly when stationary.

I would check the connection to the maf sensor, maf right by air filter.

Other than that, it sounds like egr occasionaly jamming. That does cause the symptoms your describing, but I would have thought it would have triggered a dtc by now.

When it does start , does it tick over at normal idle before you press accelerator then rev slightly to 1000rpm, and then does it stutter at that revs or smooth.

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If it's the same engine as they used in the mk3 mondeo, it could be the injectors need recalibration. 


My mk3 would do this, but only when warm. It was always fine when it was cold. 


Took it to ford they did a pcm update and recalibration of injectors and it was fine after that. 


That was probably around 4 years ago I had that car, and it was about 90 quid I paid  


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I've had those symptoms before many years ago (same engine) when the car was under warranty. Ford changed the injectors which didn't help then discovered that the throttle body had a tendancy to stick closed. Coincidentally..... that's one of the things you disconnected. Its the bit you marked yellow on the left of the picture. I would concentrate your investigation in that area.

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