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Streetka Remap


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Anyone had one done?

Any real world performance improvement over the standard 5% increase in performance?

Is it worth it?

These guys seem to get 11% and an 8% improvement in MPG which as we know the Streetka gulps fuel so might actually be worth doing!


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I am going to try and do a remap myself - I have the laptop and the obd tools so should just be a case of finding the right ECU map profile!

Been a while since ive done it and not sure ECM Titanium will work with the Streetka.

I might just have to play around with the maps but if i can get some more performance i might do a youtube video.
Got all the software free and the obd cable only cost a tenner on eBay so if you have a pc or a laptop it should be easy and cheap im not paying £300 for someone else to do it! Mind you I am Scottisha and a bit of a tightar5e!


Just in case anyone is interested:-





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Well I think you have more experience then I do.

So you let us know you get on.

I don't care that much about the power I want better mpg

Just out of curiosity how would you find ecu profile, and would you have backup in case things go f**ed

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Yes its dodgy and it can go wrong but as long as you backup the original map profile first you should be ok in case things dont go right.

The technique is to make small changes at a time and not to go hog wild!

Usual issue is with a dodgy obd cable it can snafu the whole thing and cause nasty voltage glitches which can bugger the ecu completely - never seen it happen
personally as I am a systems programmer and IT genius lol but I have heard it happen on the modding forums.

Managed to get the Streetka map proflile after a few hours on the dark net.

No the reason I am doing is because you can get an extra 8MPG apparently so its worth a go!

Being unemployed at the mo I have plenty of time on my hands to do this stuff and of course being a Scots tightar$e saving money is the goal!
More power at the expense of petrol/£ is not my bag, thats for the petrol head nobends with the inverted baseball caps and tinted windows , techno blaring out at 200watts!
Never been into wasting money just so i can drive down the main street techno blaring and looking like a fudd with everyone just grimacing and giving you the hand jive lol

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Looking like fudd, nah I'll just be cruising on a sunny day.

When you given it ago, please share, step by step for us amateurs

Would love to have the extra mpg

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Been online and apparently there are no ecu maps for the Streetka although I have one guy who seems to be an expert going to have a word with the experts!

Will do a youtube when i get it all set up!


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