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MK2 Focus Speaker Sizes?


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Hi all. I am thinking about upgrading my Speakers and tweeters in my car, seen as I have upgraded my stereo to a touch screen double din Pioneer (as shown below). I don't know the sizes of the Speakers and tweeters without having to take my car apart just to find out. I was wondering if anybody could tell me the sizes to save me time and effort? Many thanks:smile:


P.S - I apologise if there is already a topic for this or if this post is in the wrong place or whatever, feel free to tell me as I am fairly new to this forum:tongue:


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I believe the front midrange Speakers are either 6 or 6.5 inch. You can buy speaker adapter plastic pods from autoleads. If you look under their website, it's actually listed for focus c max, but autoleads confirmed by email they're the same. As for tweeter size, I've been struggling to find info on sizes, I've heard infinity kappas 60.11cs fit well, but they're 2ohm rated, so you'd really need an amp that can handle 2ohms. Some have fitted focal Speakers, but not sure exactly which model. I'm hoping the tweeters from focals ps165fx range will fit. I'm even tempted to waste money and retain ford tweeters n just fit midrange if tweeters won't fit. What I wanna try do is get some scrap or second tweeters and midrange factory Speakers so I can cut the speaker away from housing and see that will fit in place, and then either use them for new speakers, or get the autoleads adopters. There was some good info on one forum that a Norwegian guy posted, with lots of pictures, try googling. You'll find some info!

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Thanks! I'll have a look on the autoleads website and do a bit of research. I'm sure there's some info for me somewhere on the internet!

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