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In need of advice please!!


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Hi, I am new to this so will try my best to be clear and concise about the issue I have.

I have a Mk2 focus 2.0 liter TDCI (55 plate)

When I bought the car at 83,000 miles it was fitted with a new DMF and Clutch as the pedal was vibrating, this fixed it and all was fine. I later had a re-con gearbox installed at 87,000 miles as 2nd and reverse gear became hard to engage and 2nd was crunching when cold (it got worse after changing the gearbox oil, me thinking this would solve the issue). It was believed to be synchronizes on there way out. When having the new gearbox installed the garage recommended a new DMF as there was lots of play in the old one. I had the DMF changed but when driving the car the clutch pedal vibrated when pressure was applied both driving and in neutral, it also made a rattling noise like spanners going around in a washing machine. I took the car back and the garage and it was found the DMF had again, lots of play. I had another DMF fitted and clutch and slave cylinder as the garage believed this would solve the problem, they also checked the gearbox input shaft and this was found to be fine and had no play. After this the car was fine, however at 89,000 miles the clutch pedal has began vibrating/pulsating yet again when some pressure is being put on it. It tends to do this when the clutch is released quickly and under acceleration, usually below 2,000 rpm. A way to simulate these symptoms is to be in ie 5th gear below the 2000 rpm push clutch pedal down, release quickly and put some light pressure on the pedal, then it pulsates and vibrates like hell. This is the 3rd DMF in the last 9,000 miles and im wondering is the car damaging them all in some way?? Its very frustrating and not to mention becoming costly. The garage believe its a case of just a 'faulty' DMF from 'LUK' as they couldn't identify anything that could be causing issues, such as engine misfire. 

Also, I believe that the brake servo/booster may have some sort of vacuum leak, as when driving along there is a faint but constant hissing noise from the driver footwell, when pressing the brake pedal it disappears, sometimes the brakes feel hard or stiff at times and this hissing noise has became abit louder lately. Could this be linked to the DMF issues??

Any advice and help would be much appreciated, thankyou for taking the time to read this post. 

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They reckon they have checked everything, and have had all there mechanics test drive the car for any signs of misfire and have said everything seems 100% fine. No warning lights and have ensured me the job was done properly, especially after taking it back for the last flywheel to be fitted... 

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