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Ecosport EcoBoost 1.0 - ECU remap / Performance Upgrades ?

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Has anyone applied any performance upgrades to their Ecosport?

Anybody "chipped" their car yet?

The Ecosport with 156 BHP & 258 nm of torque sounds much more attractive! 

Unfortunately, I live in India... Therefore, I am NOT spoiled for choice with regards to cars available! It is a sad, sad car scene here.

Enjoy the first world and thanks a TON!

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I feel like crying.

I am based in India and in 3 days I shall receive a new EcoSport with the EcoBoost 1.0 125.

I bought the damn car - counting on a SuperChips remap which gives 156 bhp and 256 NM. No decent hot hatches in India unfortunately! I wanted the ecoboost engine too!

Can somebody PLEASE give me details on the Manual Transmission box of the INDIAN Ecosport EcoBoost!

I pray it is not this box - 5MTT170 -

Max. Torque Capacity 170 Nm ! I thought that the clutch would be the limiting factor - not the actual transmission!

If I get an ECU remap which gives me 256nm of Torque and the transmission is rated Max. Torque Capacity 170 Nm... Then what is going to happen ?

I was counting (bigtime!!) on the additional power! How screwed am I?

Should I expect - zero, a little or significant gains in WHEEL HP ? I was hoping for improved 0-100 kmph timings!

Should I expect - zero, a little or significant damage to any components !?

Please give me clarity! Thanks a TON guys!

Its too late to cancel my car now! I will put my car on a wheel dyno before & after the remap BUT this is very sad and it is misleading on SuperChips part!

Please help me understand this!
Thanks a TON!

Enjoy the first world!

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