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Intermittent gear change problem


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I'm new hear, hopefully someone can help. 

My 1.6 Y reg has intermittent gear change problem. Mostly when temp is half way (after warmed up), but occasionally straight from old. It just won't go into gear. It has apparently had a new clutch and gearbox. Have bled clutch fluid in case of air bubbles, which hasn't improved it. It can happen any time, just won't go into any gear, I've even tried pumping the clutch. And very rarely I'll have the clutch fully down and u can hear it's going to cut out as if u've lifted the clutch too quick. 

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Had a similar problem on a mk6 fiesta, put the clutch in and although it went to the floor there was no 'pressure'/resistance to the travel & it wouldn't go into gear. Had to pump it a few times then the resistance came back and it was ok to get into gear, turned out it was the cylinder on the pedal that was 'knackered'

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