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Ford Focus 2006 Steering Problems


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Hi, I'm new here and signed up just now :) 

I have a Ford Focus 2006 1.6 Stationwagon. I love it. 

I have two questions:

1) I just recently noticed that when I turn the steering wheel there is a very faint, soft grinding sound that sounds like it's coming from somewhere behind the steering wheel. It's less noticeable at high speeds, of course, which is probably due to road noise. What could this be? And is it something to worry about? I've checked the power steering fluid and it's half full. Apart from the noise the steering works perfectly. I don't have the first clue about cars, so please explain things simply :)

2) I've also noticed that when I turn the wheel full lock to the left or right, there is no damper as I've had on other cars. As in it just suddenly stops turning at full lock, it doesn't softly resist, if you get my meaning. Is this a normal thing on these cars?

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