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Dipped bulb replacement


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Hi all

I have a 2009 focus hatchback and recently replaced the dipped headlight bulb on the passenger side.

However when driving in the dark I notice the bulb seems to be much brighter than the other side and gives glare rather than just general illumination. Having a closer look the bulb doesn't seem to be as far in as the other side but I can't seem to get it in properly.

Are there are guides with diagrams I can follow or does anyone have any tips?


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I've just corrected mine after noticing the beam wasn't even and was projecting brighter lines,

looking directly at the bulb from the outside, the bulb was pointing slightly up (check it against other side),

the bulb wasn't fully in on the square notch side, use a flat head screwdriver and push the square notch further into the mount.

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