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2005 Focus (only bought a few days ago) struggling to start


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Hi all, 

It's my first post on here and I've always found forums helpful.. hopefully I'll be able to get some advice. I bought a 2005 1.4 focus hatchback a few days ago.. all seemed great but I'm noticing after its been left over night or a couple hours it struggles to turn over when I try to start it.. it could be something simple I'm guessing like a battery but also something a little more serious?! 

It just makes the sound where it's trying to start but just can't.  The odd time I tip the accelerator but not much as I don't want to flood it.. 

Any advice or tips? Money is tight at the moment so any help is greatly appreciated ☺

Thanks in advance 


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Sounds like it might be a fuel issue. Maybe fuel pump. There should be a fuel pump relay. Find that and try swapping that out with a new relay. Should be around  $20. 

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