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Ford Focus 2008 80kW TDCI turbo issues


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Hi all.

I'm new here and hoping to get some useful information about my issue.

The car is Ford Focus Mk2.5 80kW TDCI Estate. 2 weeks ago I had an "Engine malfunction" alarm and the car went into the limp mode. Went to diagnostics and the mechanic told me it is the EGR valve problem, it is blocked. Next, I removed the stepper motor from EGR valve, cleaned it and moved it around until I was certain it moves freely. Reassembled everything and started the car. Error disappeared.

Now, I have noticed some loss of power. The lever on the turbo was kind of stuck and was not moving (see the image). I moved it and used some lubrication to assist. It seemed ok after that. Right now the situation is as followed: if i start the car, the lever moves down and I can hear the turbo running. After about 10 seconds turbo stops and lever goes back up. If i press the throttle, the lever doesn't move most of the time. I made several attempts yesterday and one time managed to get it moving.

I also blanked my EGR valve yesterday and took the car for a test ride. With the warm engine and the 4th gear went up to 140kmph (revs 3500). So, there are no limitations or limp mode, the car just accelerates slower than before. Although I can feel some increase of power after blanking the EGR (especially with 1st 2nd and 3rd gears). Then I stopped the car and turned off the engine. Started again and took off, I felt the turbo kicking in, the going was much faster again. After a while the power went down again.

Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand what do i mean. So, it seems to me that the turbo sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe somebody has some experience with the matter and share it with me. Could it be the Turbo Pressure Solenoid Valve isn't working properly. As i understand this solenoid valve controls the vacuum which moves that lever on the picture?

Thanks in advance.



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wish i could help but i know nothing on turbo's.

someone will come along and help soon

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