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Sony Radio stuck on Radio No buttons work....?


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Hello Everyone

I have just bought a Focus 2012 Titanium X ( Private purchase )

The Radio is stuck on one station and non of the buttons are responding on the radio unit.The left hand steering wheel control button seems dodgy if you press it down the screen in the centre scolls up...? pressing ok doesnt do anything.The guy did say the radio can be temprimental.. Before I collected the Car he had a new battery fitted ( £180 stop start battery ) And the radio is on and working but I cant do anything...? Cant connect my phone, Cant plug in a USB stick and acces it, Local ford dealers are not helpful.. I am not wanting it repaired for free I just want to sort it as I love the Car.. Can anyone help...?

Thanks  Steve :huh:

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First to try is disconnect battery for 5 mins , reconnect and try again.

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Hi Ian

Thank you I will give it a Try..


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Not on a Mk3 its not. Pull the fuse to the radio instead. The manual expressly says not to disconnect the radio unless replacing it as the ECU looses all the data on the battery, age, cycles, charge etc so cant monitor it properly for the stop/start functions etc. There is a battery reset process to go though

Just under the radio in what looks like vents are 2 screws, remove them and pop off the cover over the sony unit. Ceck all the connections are in and tight





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