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Max Power

Ice White Pearlescent Paint

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I've just recently bought an S Max Titanium X  which has the Ford Ice White pearlescent paint which was apparently an option colour when the car was bought new by it's previous owner, my problem is I seem to be unable to locate a stone chip touch up pencil in this colour? My local Ford main dealer is adamant that you are unable to get one in Ice White pearlescent paint, and my local Chips Away franchise says the only way to repair stone chips etc is to get the whole panels resprayed due to the complex process of mixing this paint and applying it which obviously isn't a viable option unless the panels became really bad.

Ive searched the Internet including firms who sell official Ford parts and there seems to be some confusion between Ice White and Frozen White, even though they have used the correct Ford search codes etc, one even claiming they were one and the same? One checked my vin number and reg and said yes my car was Ice White but then linked to his product which was, yes you've guessed it, Frozen White?

My questions are this. Is Ford Ice White the same as Ford Frozen White? Can you get a touch up pen in Ice White pearlescent? And if so where?  If not what is a suitable nearest colour in order to touch up minor stone chips etc with the best result?

Has anyone else encountered problems with this Ice White pearlescent colour? Thanks in advance for any positive advice / positive comments. 

I'm a newbie here btw so please be gentle. 

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As far as I know, Frozen white is a flat non-metallic paint.

Pearlescent paints are a pain due to the differing paint layers, but I would have thought you could get something to at least make it look better than a chip.

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I agree, this type of paint does seem to be a pain even though it does look the  business. Like you I would have thought there is something suitable to at least make any stone chips look better, I just don't know what?  I would also find it strange that Ford have sold this colour but not provide a suitable means of owners maintaining minor stone chips without going to the expense of full panel resprays..

I have 4 very small chips down the edge of both drivers side doors front and rear where the previous owner has possibly caught a garage wall or something? Not a big deal in the greater scheme of things so maybe Frozen White might do if all else fails, however I'd much prefer to touch them up with the proper colour if possible..and of course whilst I might get away with using something like Frozen White on the edge of my doors it probably wouldn't look to clever on a stone chip on say the bonnet.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has this particular paint in order to hear if they have had the same problem and how they have got around it. 

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I have had the exact same issue. Could only find Frozen White and its like Tipex. Gonna have to bite the bullet and head to the bodyshop I guess. What did you guys do in the end?

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