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Beware the £1000 75K service if your in the market for a second hand diesel

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I don't really know if this should be in the maintenance section, or be some where to for warn potential buyers of second hand diesel cars. Or a sticky even. But I know my ignorance relating to the existence of Diesel Particulate Filters ended up with me buying a diesel thinking it would save me money. Only to find out due to my low annual mileage it would in fact cost me money. In that a 36% increase in fuel economy was wiped out by the DFP.

I'm new to the forum, I have a 2004 54 plate Volvo S40 2.0 D SE, bought 9 months ago with 57k on the clock. It now has 63K on the clock and today I part ex it for a 55 plate Focus 1.6 petrol. Why you might ask, the S40 is a superior car, though I expect some will disagree. Ok Volvo and Ford share engines, and good engines they are to.

But the up and coming six year or 72K service service due in January at a Volvo dealer would cost £900 to £1000, hell I used to buy cars for that money.

See these threads Focus DPF or Non-DPF

"the DPF on my Zafira failed to REGEN correctly and eventually failed completely resulting in the car having to be returned to the Vauxhall dealer on the back of a transporter.

It took VX 3.5 weeks to source a replacement and although I never paid (under warranty), the bill for the part for £1100. Since then I've suffered with a number of DPF Sensor problems resulting in the Engine Management Light comming on and reduced power being available - this has happened despite the car NOT being used as an around town/school run vehicle.

After previously replacing the DPF sensor, the latest failure shows this to be at fault again and will now be opened as a case with VX Head Office (so I'm told).

So it looks like DPF (across manufacturers) is here to stay.... Perhaps I might look at petrol cars again"

Ford retrofit DPF's prices makes Volvo look like bandits

Is this a good price? - DPF additive topup

DPF additive top ups are needed every three years or 36K, then the DPF filter replacement and additive top up every six years or 72K service which ever comes first.

Diesel Particulate Filter DPF

EDITED 23rd June 2011:

Thought I best do an update

Fords Mk2.5 Mondeo/Focus 2.0 TDCi had the new no maintenance needed CDPF fitted 2008 onwards [but always check with a parts supplier, what type your motor has]

The Mk2 and Mk2.5 Focus 1.6 TDCi have the service required DPF fitted right up to the end of respective productions.

With the advent of the new Mk3 Focus range, I'm glad to say that the 1.6 TDCi's are now fitted with the newer no maintenance required CDPF's.

For my next car I may even go back to a diesel. Even with low annual mileage, TDCi's fitted with DPF and CDPF are not a problem is your aware you have them do 20 minutes of "spirited" driving every 300 miles or so, just to aid "passive" regeneration.

This post and signature link is just to make people aware of the possible pitfalls of buying a car fitted with a DPF. It is not meant to scare people away from TDCi's

Trouble with "service required" DPF fitted vehicles is, ignorance of having one fitted to your motor in the first place. Couple that with buying one second hand that has not had the required maintenance done........and you could be facing some big bills.

Updated August 2011:

Peeps on this forum now being quoted £1,500 for the job

If you have one, you can go the independent garage route, buy an after market replacement DPF. Have the independent garage on £30 a hour fix it [hell its only part of the exhaust system, so not rocket science] And have a dealer do a Eloys top up and ECU reset. Search the forum for threads on the subject, you should be able to get it done for circa £500/600 in total, less the DIY route.

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