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hello hope someone can help me out, i baught a focus mk2 1.8tdci sport a few months ago, 3 weeks ago i checked the timing belt on the car as it was very sluggish and found out the timing was out and egr valve was knackerd and blanked off, the person i baught the car off had abviously done a home job on the car and hadnt done it very well, the car ended up snapping  valve and bending a few more, so i removed the cylinder head and sent it away to be refurbished, when i got the head back i rebuilt the engine and put everything back as it should be 100%,

so the car now has a new cylinder head (refurbed) new head gasket, brand new intake manifold with egr valve, have checked everything with the computer, car starts and idles perfect,

the problem is- when i put my foot down on the accelerator there is a tapping/clicking/knocking noise and the car is throwing out black and i mean black smoke/soot, as far as i am aware this is down to an overfuelling issue,, and i am wondering if one of the injectors is playing up,,


p.s = can anyone out there help as i need to get it sorted asap, cheers

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Blank the EGR asap... You've paid for a new valve which most people wouldn't do... So blank it, cut down your imissions & remove 1 ticking time bomb from your car :)

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