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New Tyres and 4 Wheel alignment

Jon Bhoy

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Hi Folks,

Just a bit of a heads up.Went to get a full service yesterday and picked the car up today.MOT in January said inside wear on fronts which were budgets but today found the rears were out of shape too so needed 4 new tyres .So searched everywhere and with holidays coming up could not find any bookable online.Found a company in Kent called STS Tyre Pro's and looked on the site and saw they were doing 4 wheel alignment (Hunter) for only £49.95 which i thought was very reasonable as i had seen 4 wheel in the past ranging from £70-100 . So checked online and 4 Goodyear Efficent Performance 225/40/18 were £331 plus £50 for alignment so £381 . They could not book me in online until next week so thought ill give them a quick buzz.

Rang and spoke to the lad and luckily they had the Tyres in stock so i asked them to be put aside and ill be down in the next hour and can i have 4 wheel alignment too.No probs he said so just asked him the cost on his system.Came back and i nearly fell off my chair....£551 ! I told him the price online and he asked what car i had.He then said the price for alignment online was only to adjust the fronts and take a reading from the back.I said thats a bit of a con then saying it was 4 wheel.He said mine were adjustable all round so thats why it was more expensive but when i said "So that means to adjust the rears is an extra £170 ????" he asked me to hold on.Then came back and said he could do it for £425 ! Big difference! I know they are a chain and usually steer clear but might help folk who do not know about this (Most folk are well eucated on this stuff but i nearly got pulled in!).

My steering was was vibrating badly and the guy doing the service said my wheels looked well out and have to say he was not wrong.Got a full print out on the lignment and what a difference as well a decent set of matching rubber all round thats balanced well makes! 60mph on the motorway and felt holding the steering wheel like i was firing a machine gun,and now i took it onto the motorway and blasted it up to...erm 70mph (like you thought i would say something differnt haha) and smooth as anything . So i would say thumbs up to wheel alignment but ask questions before you get 4 wheel alignment done especially at a non independent.

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I had a 4 wheel alignment,it wasn't "hunter" but the technician said it was the same equipment that the Jaguar car garages use,what ever that is,£35, and my car is running like a dream.

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I had mine done for the same reasons, when they checked said it was bang on,  so just keep tyre pressures correct an keep eye on tyre wear, if its still wearing uneven then get it checked.

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