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Leak from tank under turbo


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Late 2008 1.6 TDCI. All appears to be running well, just given everything it's monthly check over. Could do with an oil flush & change which I'll be doing next month, however the only thing of note is a small dribble of what appears to be oil coming from/onto the small tank directly underneath the turbo. Anything to look at or be worried about? Turbo itself seems OK, there's no wobble on the vanes and there's been no performance issues.

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It could be oil from the oil feed to the turbo. I assume by small tank you mean the one that has a mechanical linkage to the turbo, and a rubber pipe coming out of it (it controls the boost). 

If the oil pipe is leaking then this is bad and needs  to be remedied as soon as possible. Just as importantly the cause needs to be identified. It is most likely the feed /return pipe is blocked with carbon bits causing excessive pressure in the line. 

How regularly do you do oil changes (miles driven)? 

Are any of the injectors leaking (wet around the injector hole), if so there is a direct caviar and effect regarding turbo failure? 

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Injectors are all dry, unless I need to dig further to see if they're leaking.

And yes that's the bit I mean. Could well be carbon buildup thinking about it - I've only recently (couple of thousand miles ago) blocked the EGR. I changed the oil a couple of thousand before the EGR, something I intend to do once a year (only had it just over a year). This time round I want to flush the engine though with something like Wynns, the oil doesn't look particularly great despite last year's change.

I'm assuming it'll be best to pop the whole turbo off with the pipes and give it a proper cleanout?

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