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Ford Focus mk II ABS Test Fault - happening more than once?

Master Of Donkeys

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Brand new member here. I apologise for smashing in with what is probably a tiresome subject relating to the mkII Focus but, anyway, here I go.

I bought a 2010 1.6 TDCI Titanium recently. As with many of these models, it does the weird clunky/springy noise at around 12mph. It caught me off guard at first but a quick Google confirmed to me that is was just the ABS test and it wasn't anything to worry about.

However, very recently, it seems to be doing it more than once, some times intermittently at any time during the first 10-20 minutes of a journey, usually under acceleration or when turning. Anyone got any idea what's going on, or indeed, any information as to what the car is actually doing when it does the ABS test? Seems to be exactly the same sort of sounds and feel as the ABS test.

No idea if this is helpful/relevant info but I did have to have the Circuit A Turbo Boost sensor replaced and a new battery fitted about a week or so ago.

Any suggestions would be great.

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My Focus generally "clunks" sometimes if I take a corner and hit a pot hole / uneven road surface as i'm turning. It'll then continue to click every time I release the brake pedal for approx 30 seconds. 

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