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2010 TDCI mk2.5 focus, coated or non coated DPF????


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Thanks for that. I've checked the Etis website and on the build sheet it says euro 1V emissions CDPF 

so I'm guessing the 'C' stands for coated. 

The car has only done 17,000 miles from new, can I expect it to be doing regens already? 

Thanks for your replies 

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14 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

17k in 6 years?  I'll be surprised if it's not blocked!

Totally depends on your driving but regens are roughly every 500 miles, more if you do lots of town, less if you do lots of motorway.

Only one owner from new, I'm the second. Looking at the service book, average mileage just over 3000 a year! Why they had a diesel I don't know! I've taken it on a few longer journeys now as I've had it a week. Used the sport mode on the auto box to keep the revs up 3000 rpm for 20 mins just to heat it up and try and keep it clear. It drives lovely and goes like a rocket for a 136bhp auto!

Any of you guys had to run yours at high speed to keep the Dpf clear?

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