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2011 163 TDCI Change size of alloys


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Just about to pick up a 2011 Mk3 Titianum which comes with 18" alloys (option from new I assume).  I don't fancy the prices of 18" tyres so wondering if I can change to 17" or 16" alloys without too much trouble - would welcome thoughts.

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On the Focus MK3 the wheel/tyre size is programmed into the Central Car Configuration (CCC). among all different wheel/tyre sizes that are prescribed by Ford there are small differences. If you change the wheels for a different size you should also change the tyre size which is programmed into the CCC. If you do not do this the speedometer can have a small deviance and (if equipped) the Active Park Assist system will not work correctly (in my case the car parked too far away from the sidewalk).


The prescibed tyre size for 17 Inch wheels is 215-50-17.

The prescribed tyre size for 16 Inch wheels is 215-55-16 or 205-55-16 (both sizes are allowed).

Alternatively you can also choose to install a different tyre size as long as the outside diameter is as close as possible to one of the prescribed tyre sizes. In this case you should program the wheel/tyre size into the CCC which has the same outside diameter (or as close as possible).


Personally I would keep the 18 Inch wheels. The price difference between 18 Inch tyres and 17 Inch tyres (of the prescribed size) is generally pretty small. In some cases 18 Inch tyres are even cheaper because the prescibed 17 Inch tyre size is pretty uncommon.

16 Inch tyres are a bit cheaper but in my opinion make the car look not as good as it looks with 17 Inch or 18 Inch wheels.

Also note that a car with factory fitted 18 Inch wheels do also have steering rack limiters to avoid tyre rubbing. These steering rack limiters hugely affect the turning circle of the car. If you decide to install smaller wheels/tyres the you should also remove the steering rack limiters because they are no longer needed. Without the steering rack limiters the car has a much smaller turning circle. 


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Thanks, that's useful info.  If I do replace the alloys I would want to go with Ford alloys anyway, but it sound like I would need to have check that the tyre supplier could change the CCC/remove the rack limiter.  I suspect I would go for 16" - it's all about being practical rather than the car looking good.  I know the dealer has had the wheels sprayed so reckon they will want a full refurb in a year or two anyway.


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