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Focus 2011-Titanium Keyless: Haunted Radio!!


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Hi all.

I have a 2011 Focus Titanium with keyless entry. Today I went to wash the car (without the key fob in my pocket), and as I cleaned the passenger door I noticed the radio (Sony) came on by itself. Mirrors still folded and doors locked.

I had to go in the house, and open the doors to 'manually' turn the radio off!

I seem to remember that when I last left the car, I left the radio on, but it turns itself off when the drivers door is opened. I think this is normal?

As a peruser to this issue, the car has recently been into Ford for a software update (last month) on the stereo as the battery was draining overnight, EVERY night... They said it was something to do with the bluetooth not switching off properly. I have not had battery draining issues since the update

The only other thing I should mention, is that when this issue happened today, my phone which the car is BT paired with was in my pocket.. Not sure if or why this should make a difference, but its worth a mention.

I've only had the car for just over a month now so i'm looking for advice please.

Many thanks


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