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2016 Focus Zetec S Black Edition Mods


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I'm just about to buy a 2016 Focus Zetec S Black Edition 182bhp. I've been told that it comes with a small blow-off valve but I'm wanting to install a couple of modifications:

- Racing/loud exhaust system

- (Decently sized/Good sounding) blow-off/dump valve

- Chip/super chip/remapping

- Interior mood lighting in the foot wells

I don't suppose anyone could give me an idea of where I could get these parts from?




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I'm not aware of anything off the shelf, you'll have to have one made, or just get the resonator removed, depends who anti-social you want it to be.

It has a re-circ valve, not a blow-off valve.

Something like bluefin might be an option, I don't think Mountune have anything for the 1.5 yet.

You will need to wire in your own footwell lighting, it can't be retro-fitted (trust me).

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Retro fitted??

What sort of procedure and will it have any effects on the performance if I was to have the resonator taken off, and what sort of noise would I be expecting? It's the Black Edition so it looks the part, but now it needs to sound it. Don't want a tinny sound.


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