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Focus Headlight problem.


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Morning peeps my 10 plate now needs a new headlight....but was wondering why do they suddenly seem to adjust themselves and are way out of alignment.

I had new bulbs fitted recently and all was fine...even checked them against a wall...then one headlight went pear shaped and I can't adjust low enough as it's gone down as far as it can...hence needing a new headlight...any reason why this has happened.....everything is where it should be ....cheers Glen.

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I was in a similar position a while back due to irrepairable damage. The one I plumped for was off eBay just like this one now currently advertised.


It's not a Ford part, so not an exact match. Some parts inside the assembly are a slightly different shape and/or colour, but you need to be really fussy to spot the difference once it is installed. It's considerably more than one from a scrap yard, but less than from over a Ford counter. You pays your money and takes your choice.


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47 minutes ago, artscot79 said:

it may be the beam pattern of the bulb and not the headlight

I had both bulbs recently changed for upgrades....nearside is fine...offside is way out...but was ok when 1st changed....cheers for the reply tho...😉

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