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Shudders after Start Up, Loss of Power?


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Afternoon All, 

I've got a little issue with my car, I don't know if it's major or not... But I have a Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Tdci 2012.

If I start the engine from cold I've noticed more vibrations than usual coming from the engine in my seat, but the rum remains normal, kind of a little shudder. 

Another thing happens is if I'm doing 70mph and steadily going at 60mpg now and then the engine feels to break only for like 1 second and goes back to normal, I can only describe the feeling like if you put a car into 4th from 5th...you u get that little shunt/push (as an example of what I feel) - could this be the turbo being weird and kicking in or out? 

Sorry if I'm not explaining myself well! 



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Probably a combination of egr operations and possibly dirty fuel filter.

Egr operates at low speeds and revs, and will open or close which affects the combustion cycle.

Simple test, block off the egr and see if there is any difference. For a fiver, it's worth it.

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