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engine light


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Hey Christian, seen your post on my thread asking for help. I'm very inexperienced with fiddling with cars. I bought an OBD2 port of someone a while ago, and used that to find fault codes with my car - if you read my thread you'll see how it progressed. The diagnostic port is on the right hand side between the drivers door and the steering wheel lower down, you'll see a 'cubby hole' and on the top of that is a port that looks a bit like a scart port...

As for driving the car, no idea unfortunately, I guess engine management lights come on for good reasons.... :/

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The check light could be something simple as flagging up a failed sensor - get a basic OBD2 reader off eBay (only about £5) and download the 'torque' app on your phone, the free one is fine but the paid for Pro one is better. Should be able to read the fault codes and pin things down, should also be able to reset the light as well - never go to a dealer to reset a light!

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No problem, it's scary when the lights come on!


The video above shows the location on a LHD car, flipped to a RHD car and it's exactly the same...

The second link shows OBD diagnostic doodah's... I have the USB version, basically plug it into the laptop and run Forscan and it tells you the faults..



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