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Problem with key/lock, urgent help needed


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Hi guys

I have a weird problem that came out of nowhere today after a 45 mile drive in wet conditions. Basically when I reached home, I couldn't lock (or unlock) the car with the remote fob OR the key in the door. The remote fob does absolutely nothing, and turning the key in the door just seems to freely rotate about 45 degrees in either direction but nothing happens at all.

I have checked fuses F133 and F134, which are fine, and also a similar thread for a MK1 that mentions the key solenoid, but no idea what that's supposed to look like. The lock works fine when I press it on the driver door, it locks/unlocks all the doors. The auto-lock when driving also works, so it's a key issue only.

It's a MK2.5 Focus btw, I would much appreciate some help on what the issue could possibly be and how I could try to resolve it.


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Thanks, trying that now. 

Can any one help regarding how to access the lock motor? Do I need to remove the inner door panel behind the door card? 

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Yes, you have to remove the metal inner door panel. To be able to remove the inner door panel you have to remove the window (glass) from the window mechanism first. The inner door panel has a few holes to remove the window from the mechanism.

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