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handbrake light on after discs and pads change.


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My mk1.5 zetec 1.8 petrol has a small issue. I have just changed discs and pads all round and the handbrake light keeps coming on when i drive. It will flicker a l little then comes on. It goes off when over a bump or right turn but then comes back on.

I have checked the fluid level and it is spot on. I have even removed the plug to the sensor and gently tweaked the pins ensuring good contact but no look. Any ideas?.

Grateful of any assistance.



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I expect problem is fixed by now, but if not, or for anyone else, I have a suggestion. This is based on the mk2 Focus, mk1 may be different, but probably not much.

The handbrake lever has a switch on it. The handbrake mechanism is actually almost entirely mechanical, the cables operate a screw-cam arrangement inside the calipers that forces the pads in to the disk.

If you have changed the disks & pads, it could be the handbrake needs adjusting. If it does not move enough before the brake applies, then the switch could be on when not wanted. And the pads could be dragging on the disk. Adjusting the handbrake is pretty simple, it is accessed (in my car) from inside, by removing part of the center console.

Or it could be a faulty switch, also accessed the same way.




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