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Ok so, I've had my ford Focus 56 plate 1.8TDCI for about 2 months now and on 2 occasions I've broken down. The first time.........

I was doing a longish journey of about 160 miles and with about 10 miles to go I hit a traffic jam. As soon as I slowed to a halt my car cut out and wouldn't re start. I was towed off the motorway by the RAC and when they stuck the jump cables on and turned it over for a short period it started and ran completely fine again. When it happened no lights came up on the dash.

The second time........

again almost exactly the same scenario except I was only doing about 55 miles this time and this is about 2 months later. It cut out on a slip road off the motorway as I stopped for traffic lights. Again no lights on the dash and when the RAC put jump cables on and turned it over for a while it started up fine again and running 100%. He hooked it up to the computer and it had a message saying "fuel rail system, low fuel pressure" Its currently in the garage and they can't find the fault. They said its possibly the fuel pump (£529 to fix) or the fuel regulator valve (£198 to fix) But they said there's still a chance its not even that???

I have asked them to change the fuel filter and open that up to see the condition of it (read that in a forum somewhere) As this is a lot cheaper than the other stuff.


if anyone can help you would be a bit of a hero :)


I appreciate any input.




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Yeah they said probably need to take it into a ford main dealer as they can't find the issue. Only problem is I live in London and work 60 miles away and it happened 3 miles from work. I really need the car and its 2 weeks before ford can look at it. Im kind of hoping someone's come across this before so I can pass the info on to the garage.


Cheers though mate for the quick reply.

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The battery and alternator are sweet. No problem at all with them.


That's an interesting one about the pins I'll speak to them tomorrow about that.

When I went to collect the car one of the mechanics told me I had a slight leak on an injector and around a connecting pipe so they are going to fix the seal on the injector and put a new bit of pipe on. Praying this is the issue but I'm just not sure that would cause the issues I'm having would it?


cheers guys.

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1 hour ago, iantt said:

get them to check the pins on the connector for the fuel pressure regulator, they can open up and give intermitant fuel pressure reading issues causing engine to stop


1 hour ago, ippy said:

is the battery/alternator ok?


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