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Coolant loss after tstat housing change


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1.8 focus 92k petrol

Changed a leaky thermostat housing yesterday and thermostat. Topped up. Drove for 20 mins got it nice and hot heater for once was hotter than ever.  Had the heat up and cap off and and fan on full too to work out air. Squeezed a few hoses too.

No signs of any leaks. Let it cool down and topped up to max line as it dropped slightly as expected.

This morning it had dropped 4 cm aprrox and no signs of leaking from the tstat housing or pipes connected bone dry and the ground was bone dry too. Stuck my finger under it all too to feel for coolant but nothing.

I guess its got to be leaking somewhere ? Or is this an air lock ?

Temp gauge sits bang on as well no over heating.




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