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Water leak ABOVE exhaust pipe


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Hi all

On my mk2.5 Focus I keep seeing a little puddle of water on the floor just below the rear bumper. It's coming from ABOVE the exhaust from a join right on the corner of the chassis. Is this normal? 

I suspect it is rainwater that has somehow gotten into the frame of the car (we've had plenty of rain lately after all) but hoped you could put my mind at rest.

All of the levels on the car appear to be fine and consistent and it's definitely water (it's clear, non-greasy and doesn't smell anyway).

It also only seems to do it when the car is parked on an incline where the rear is. Does anyone have any ideas?

Just to reiterate, the drip is above the exhaust so not the exhaust itself.

thanks in advance


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it is most likely the rain. Especially on an incline water can get to some odd places. As its a 2.5, your looking at a car up to 7 years old at a guess, in which case, dirt can work its way into joins which can redirect water, along with potentially perishing seals, which are not doing a good job.

If the light seals are wearing, it could be the water is trickling behind the light cluster, down the inside of the boot, behind the panels, and finding its way to one of the vent points in the boot.

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I've just noticed that I have exactly the same problem, but mine's a Mk3. I park my car facing down the incline on my drive. It's as if this causes it to build up in the join when the bumper attaches and then starts to come out as you drive along. Both times I've noticed it are after a journey of 20+ miles, and there's quite a damp patch on the ground after parking up. Hope that doesn't mean that after that length of journey, that there's been a lot of water sitting somewhere in the body.


Time to Google!!

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