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Mk3 focus titanium x start button query


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Hi all,

I currently have a 2012 mk3 focus titanium X 2.0 auto and have a query about the start/stop  button. Every time I get in the car, I put my foot on the brake pedal and press the button to start the engine. The car tries to start but fails to turn over. I try again straight away and the car fires in to life perfectly fine.

Is this normal or is it worth taking it down to the dealer? When I bought it got a 3 year used car warranty...




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I have to press the clutch on mine for it to start.

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EDIT: Sorry I missed yours is auto.

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If it is not starting first time you press the button and it's under warrenty, then yea take it back for them to look at. 

Mine is a manual but I just depress the clutch, tap the button and the car starts within a few seconds. 

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I assume you are keeping your foot on the brake when trying to start?

Be worth taking it in to have it looked at otherwise. Might be something simple like the pedal switch.

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struggling to start could be as simple as fuel priming. have you had any error lights come up?


If you have a warranty, use it, thats the best thing I can say.

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