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2009 1.6 petrol for focus zetec


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Hi sir/MADAM I have bought an 2009 1.6 petrol  focus lovely car a real great feel but it lately started to cut out while driving it happened within the city whilst in traffic and even on the motorway while driving along.
I have realized if I accelerate the car when I fell like its going to cut out because it feels dead the car picks back up its power this was done on the motorway but I do have to go all the way on the throttle. But sometimes it just cuts out anyway. If I do not accelerate it will cut out. with no doubt.
However after it cuts out if I start the vehicle back up and If I do not accelerate whilst in neutral it will cut out again but after a brief acceleration to 2.500/3.000 RPM whilst in neutral the car recovers and drives again then I might not see the problem again for weeks  but sometimes it could happen two times within two minutes. please help sir

LOVLY CAR but it seems to be dangerous to drive as its cutting out on the motorway. Guys please help because I do not want to sell such a lovely vehicle

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Thankyou artscot79 


yes there is no fault codes on the imbeded dianostic also intook it to a garrage nothing came up iswell im very confused. Thankyou for your reply

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