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Ok so I've been looking around the site and i'm a little confused as to what mods i can do to my focus its a 2002 1.8 tdci with a duratorq engine 115bhp 85kw,


aside from things like a performance exhaust what else can be done to it wanna try and keep fuel economy if possible but make it a lil quicker not looking for huge increase in performance any ideas?




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for an 02, you wont have n EGR (I am fairly sure), in which case your best options are below:

Cheap 'n' Cheerful:

new air filter - performance or not it will give you at least a small lift, K&N though suggest +5-8bhp IIRC.

Slightly more expensive:

Full Service: You will be surprised how everything from a new fuel filter, oil filter, oil flush, (brake flush!) will make a difference. Then top it up with a:

Terraclean: - around £100 on average, it restores a lot of power lost to time, by decarbonising the engine. I have experienced this service and can vouch for it, along with many other satisfied members. MPG and Torque both improved noticeably.


Tuning Box: for as little as £50 you could get a tuning box, which offers say a minimum of 20BHP, but for the car, engine and weight overall, you could probably get closer to 40-50, entirely dependant on the car and the company used. Benefits included multi choice map settings, so you can tweak more in favour of MPG, or more in favour of performance. Removeable and resealable. A quick search suggests that a tuning box could gain you around 15BHP and 65Nm. Alternatively, many recommend an-

Remap: custom remapping of the car can increase horses as well as MPG, more than a generic map (such as superchips) or map on a tuning box. Especially beneficial when done with an upgrade to the-

Exhaust: allowing better breathing after the engine is better for power, but reduced pressure on the system can help to gain breathing benefits.The exhaust of course carries the hot gasses out, well the engine of course, and the engine does this based on heat, so you can also replace the-

Glow Plugs: though not always used, they are for the first ten or 15 minutes or so, to help the engine get to temperate. At around 20 - 40 pounds per set (brand dependant, even as low as £13) they can make a difference, which can give your car that little boost.

It really depends on what you want to spend, how long you want to keep the car, and how much you want to pay your insurers!

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