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Urgent help required, locked out


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My runaround 2.0 tdci mk2 Focus recently been stood so long the batteries died. Charged batt but no luck , I've then replaced it with a known working one .

It will not open on the key fob & I've just noticed the ignition key doesn't fit the door ! 

The alarm goes off only when the battery is removed , which I've never come across before.

I've replaced the battery in the key fob also  with no joy  


is there anything I can do besides smashing the window to get in ? 





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This isn't going to help you now but will be of interest.

I used to work on Range Rovers and one particular model year had a strange and nasty quirk.

When you reconnected the battery all the door locks immediately locked (somebody's bright idea to improve car security). Now that's no great hassle if you have the keys in your hand but if you have left them in the ignition, closed the door then done the battery change you were in deep dodo.

I now never do any battery work without holding the key AND leaving a window open.

You learn these things the hard way.

Incidentally if you leave the keys in the ignition on some cars for long periods the battery goes flat. This is because the ECU never shuts down, it stays active ready for instant action drawing enough current to flatten the battery in no time at all. I don't know if it applies to Focuses and I am not about to try.

My stored car sits there in the garage with no key in and both front windows open.


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Have you not got any spare keys lying around? WD-40 in the lock? What do you mean by the key doesn't fit the lock?

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If you can't unlock the door manually as suggested, then smashing the window and replacing it is the cheapest option unless you have AA/RAC cover sometimes they can gain access. But as said with remote fobs door locks barely get used and can seize up so a a liberal spray with lube and try turning gently.

If you have to smash a window go for a rear door window as they are relatively easy to swap and cheap enough. The quater light needs bonding in so don't smash that, or the front or rear screen obviously.

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3 minutes ago, Stoney871 said:

If the key open the bonnet ok then surely it's the right one?

Pity it's not a mk1 as I have a skeleton key for them.

Sent from my SM-G930F

That's what I was thinking. Maybe his door lock has seized from not being in use? That's why i mentioned to try some WD-40 on the lock :P

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Shouldn't use wd40 in locks as the grease/oil will congeal all the gunk and block the latched inside.


Happened to a mates bike lock after it seized over winter. AA came out with a LARGE pair of bolt cutters.

Use compressed air to blow the gunk away if you think that's it?

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If he's gonna break it, worth a try init?


Ain't there a little scrout around that'll get in for you for a fiver? The ones wearing hoods and gloves are the best at it.

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don't know if this helps but when I was a rep a lot of years ago (about 25yrs) I left my keys in the car and it locked itself after a while, so got the AA out he got a length of thin steel rod placed it in the gap between the front door and the front wing and gave it a crack with a hammer and hey presto all the doors unlocked, apparently it is a safety thing replicating a side impact bump.

obviously he knew exactly where to hit it, I was gobs smacked  

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Thanks for your input guys. 


Its a 3 door model & the gutting thing is I've only just replaced one of the side windows 😁

So my problem is when I took the car in as part ex , I was given 2 keys, the one on the fob which suposibly only unlocked it , I never tried the door locks until now. & previously used the fob. 

Sencond key was to start the car , it is some sort of cheap programmable replacement key. 

It would apear someone's possibly replaced the door or something as neither key fits at all 

ive tried cleaning & lubing it up with no joy, 

you can tell the key just is not right for the lock.  Regarding the bonnet  only the key on the key fob opens that & not the key for the ignition. 

So im in a right pickle now !! Lol

im guessing the key fobs gone out of sync but as the key on the fob doesn't fit the ignition barrel , will it ever re sync ?

ive hopefully got a friend coming over in the next couple of days with a lockout kit to try & get in. 

If this fails I guess it's window out  or jack it up & cut the foot well out & re weld lol  

failing that is there any fuses ect for the central locking under the bonnet ? Maybe I could bypass or something?


thanks guys 


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