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2 Engine Management Errors


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Hi all,

I bought a second hand 2011 focus mk3 back in November. Typically, just outside the warranty, the engine management light came on. I've had it checked, and it has the following 2 errors.

U0418: Invalid Data Received from Brake System Control Module


P2085: Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent Bank 1 Sensor 1

I've been unable to find much regarding these 2 fault codes - can anyone shed any light on them? What the cause might be? What the fix is?

The car is generally driving okay, but when I switch down a gear (say to overtake) it does take 2 seconds (give or take) to get engine power back to normal and have normal thrust. In these 2 seconds there is no accelerating power, but it will maintain speed, providing I'm not going up a steep hill.

If you need anymore info, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,



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the problem is these codes just point you in the direction to look at not that the issue is that item it sounds like a wiring issue it could be a cluster issue it needs looked at more in depth the 2085 from what I found could be a faulty sensor broken wire at the multiplug it both the other again is a wire or sensor worst case its the module

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