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New LUK dmf and clutch and still getting a slight clunk

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Just last week i got the above fitted to an 05 2.0 tdci 6 sp, it's mostly fine but noticing a small clunk when idling in neutral when i press the clutch and let it up, i did the other day for the hell of it and noticed/felt it. There's no judder ect when moving just this slight clunk as if the new thrust bearing's knackered...could it be..

One thing i not happy about though, i know there would have been dust on the inside of the bell housing from the old one but know he probably didn't clean it before fitting the new one....so how long before it (dust) eats away at the new one and flywheel and gets into the starter.

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Sorry to hear that,

sounds like the thrust bearing is knackered, only thing you can do is unfortunately have it replaced which includes taking out the clutch and flywheel. It may only be a small clunk but it will eventually sound much worse and you will have problems.

If you sell the car like this it is likely people will be put off as they would suspect the clutch is about to fail



I would first check to make sure you have sufficient level of oil in your gearbox.





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I know this is what I'm thinking too, he'll be well pee'd off if that's the case as will I. Thing is I got it from the bay he didn't supply it just fitted it so I think when that happens i'd need to pay him again to take it out. It'd be different if he supplied it then he'd claim his labour ect from the company.

Gear oil's fine

Not looking good.. 

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