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Anti roll bar drop links


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I replaced the rear droplinks but the ones I got (£7.50 ebay) don't seem to be man enough when doing one up I stripped the nut before I torqued it I was gonna torque it to 15Nm I think that's right,

so my question is which are the best ones to get and where from? cos im going to change them again

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If it stripped before you even managed to get 15Nm on it then I wouldn't want to see how it looks in a months time lol.

I generally stick to well known brands, so for example Lemforder make top quality parts - you will get them from Euro car parts.

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2 hours ago, iantt said:

I'm sure its more than 15nm, more like 40nm top nut and 70nm bottom, will check later

yeah your rite I meant 35Nm (I have to wear my glasses more):blink: I have ordered a set of Delphi links I don't trust these cheapo's

there's only 1 nut on these

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12 hours ago, madmole said:

Why not get Whiteline uprated and adjustable ones (and do the sway bar while your down there)?


I know what your saying  but at the moment I just need to get her up to scratch (dreaded MOT comin)

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