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Focus mk3 squeak when lifting off the accelerator and changing gear


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Hi guys,

I bought a mk3 Ford Focus last year which has a squeak I can't get rid of and is driving me crazy!  The squeak is much more prominent in the cold and occurs when I lift off the accelerator at slow speeds or when changing gear - again at slow speeds .  I have taken it to a few Ford garages in my area but they have been pretty useless.  However, on one of the visits they moved the air con pipe a little which removed the squeak for a few days.  Unfortunately the squeak came back.  The sound seems to be coming from either the footwell area or behind the dashboard.  

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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My 1.5 Zetec S did this, I never did get to the bottom of it.

My glovebox makes a bit of a clicky creak on the ST.

There are subtle rattles on these cars, no getting away from it. Nothing so loud I have felt like taking it back though.

They can end up loosening joints pulling stuff apart looking for little rattles, so I usually only bother with the really bad ones.

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Just to provide you with an update, the squeak has finally been fixed!!! :D

The problem was the gearbox cables were loose and was rubbing against the mainfold which was then transmitting the noise into the cabin.

Hopefully this information will help anyone else in future suffering from similar issue. 

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