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MK1 MOT Exhaust fail - High!


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Sent my Dads Mk1 in for an MOT last Friday and this is the exhaust results.


Is there any fixes you can think of that won't have a sky high garage bill that we can do ourselves being retesting?


Will a tank of Cat cleaner and Premium unleaded make much or any difference?




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Thanks for your help people.


I'll have a look into this. Would a lambda also affect the RPM dropping quite a bit when going into neutral and sometimes causing the car to cut out?

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They tend to put the EML on, especially on long motorway journeys local trips not so much, run rich to stop damage to engine, a code will be stored for this fault. Check for any split pipes round the air intake this will also make it run rich. Reading the figures again points to CAT maybe lambda sensor seems to be correct.

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