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Installing xtrons head unit help


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I've jumped in and bought an xtrons head unit for my mk 2.5 focus.

Trouble is I'm trying to work out all the wiring before plumbing it in and a couple wires have got me confused lol

I have a blue wire marked tx

a brown marked key 1

and a grey marked rx all with insulation on the ends. Do I need to use any of these 3 or are they for additional items

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No need to plug those wires, as you said, they are either for some optional accessories, or simply redundand, because the factory makes universal wirings and just snaps a correct plug on the wiring acording to the car it's going into.

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Hi catmand00, I just installed one in my 2010 Focus today, which xtrons unit did you get?  Mine, a PX71FSF has a connector socket that goes straight in the Ford loom plug.  The order of connection that worked (from this thread - 

) was loom plug to connector socket, then Canbus to connector socket.  With nothing else plugged in, the unit worked when the car was turned to key position 2.

This is the second Xtrons unit I've had, the first was dead on arrival and went back.  

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