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Focus mk2.5 Central Locking Stopped


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Just got to Nan's and locked the car no problems, left phone in there so unlocked to get it and it won't lock or unlock on the button?  Locks fine manually.

I can't imagine the battery has just died without warning?  So is there a re sync procedure?  Can't search ATM so quick answers appreciated.



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Turn the ignition key 4 to 5 times in quick succession you should hear a beep then press button on remote hear another beep. Turn ignition off then back on then try your buttons again. You will need to do it again later with all remote keys you have if you don't have them all to hand.

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52 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

'All remote keys'?  I only have one remote and one manual. :sad: 

Thanks though, I'll go try it now!

I only say that because all remotes the car has need to be reprogrammed at the same time otherwise the others will no longer work. Cheap and easy enough to get a second flip key now with Forscan allowing PATS programming. Lol 

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