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Help! Brake Whining Noise


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Firstly hello all,

I am after some advice from people, I have just had my front brake discs and pads changed on my 08 plate focus (quick fit first fitted the wrong discs so this was them fixing the problem).

Drove away form the garage and within about ten minutes the front wheels started to whine, not screech like most brakes but whine.  It sounds like the discs are warped as it seems to happen after half a wheel turn.  Anyway i took it back to kwik fit and they first bled the brakes and cleaned the calipers etc.  drove away and once again within ten minutes it happened again.  back into kwik fit who then put matching manufacturer pads and discs on.  and still again ten minutes later the whining comes back.  So does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?????

before they were replaced the brakes they were fine with no problems or noise, now with new pads and discs they are making a hell of a noise and kwik fit are none the wiser.


Any advice or help will be appreciated!

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