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06 Focus water in fusebox


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I'm posting this for my dad's next door neighbour who is having trouble after going through a deep puddle and is now having problems. 

After driving through the puddle the cars alarm,lights and wipers were going haywire while it was locked on the drive. The AA were called and he said it was water in the fusebox. The neighbour called out his mobile mechanic and he took out the fusebox and put it in his airing cupboard overnight to dry and next day all seemed well until later the same symptoms started again. He has now been quoted £500 for a new fusebox to be fitted. 

I know my 55 plate Focus has been fitted with a new style fusebox sometime before I got the car so would he have the old style box on an 06 plate meaning he would need the newer type too? If so can a cheap new style fusebox be bought and just plugged in by an amateur or is major rewiring needed to make it work? Also any ideas how much a new fusebox might be? 

Many thanks. 


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Unbeknown to me since first posting my dad's neighbour has now had the mobile mechanic fit a new fusebox and everything is working apart from the headlights are constantly on. 

Apparently the mechanic noticed that the "new" fusebox had been opened and the shop said yes it had been returned and shouldn't have gone out again BUT the fault is probably that the fusebox needs programming in again at Ford. 

Does a new fusebox actually need programming or is it the shop trying to wriggle out of supplying a faulty part? 

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as far as i no you do have to program it in as it part of the gem unit
i would hold fire and see if the old one drys out if it does the get a refund on the new one


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