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Is this fixable?


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Morning velcrotoastie.Its hard to tell from your pic how much damaged there is. looks minor with a few bigger scratches from what i can see.So with some easy work it would come out to a reasonable finnish may not  get it all out .i would say  go post that pick on detaling world forum. youll get a better response and a lot of options of what products to use hopefully.if not a bit of looking around there will guide you.


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You don't need to ask a detailing forum. This is only a minor scuff, I have repaired much worse albeit on metallic panels rather than plastic/fibreglass bumpers. However hopefully the same principle should still apply.

Firstly try applying G3 Scratch Remover or T-Cut; I would recommend G3 however either will do the job and I do not endorse either product. Apply it in an up and down, left and right motion rather than in a circular motion to avoid creating swirl marks in your paint. The scratch removers work best on metal panels however since you only have a minor scuff on your bumper, any of the aforementioned scratch removers should do the job.

If that doesn't solve the issue, then you may need to claybar and polish with a machine buffer in that specific area.

All the best. :)

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