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Are the "Slave cylinders" still a problem


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Evening one and all.

This afternoon I spent the day looking at estate to replace my trusty old Astra.

I was quite impressed by a 2013 Ford Focus estate, so I thought I would do some research on it.

According to Honest John there seems to be a lot of problems with the clutch........in particulat the slave cylinder?

Is this still the case with a 2013 or would that be fitted with something new that would eliminate the problem?

I have not made my mind up if I want a petrol/diesel or automatic/manual.


All I know is that I do not want a 1.0 with a turbo 


Thanks for any help on this



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its a ford the problems are passed from one model to the next and yes the slave cylinders are still a problem if you do lots of miles ie 15,ooo a year get a diesel if not a petrol if you get an auto the mpg is always less on these

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I don't do a lot of miles / year  say 8-10,000.


However, I do keep the car for 10 years, or until the start costing too much to get through an MOT

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a diesel isnt for you then with low miles youll end up with dpf repairs from lack of driving so a a petrol is the way to go as yet the slave cylinder issue is not a huge one its effected a small number of people but ford are unwilling to pay towards repair if it does happen even on low miles bear in mind a 2013 means no warranty left unless you buy an aftermarket one

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Thanks @Artscot79. if this is a cost I should factor in every 3-4 years (like I would a cambelt) it makes the cost of owning/servicing it a wee bit higher.

Which is a shame, as it was a nice looking car and looked better specced than the Astra equivalent

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