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Diesel Owners, DPF Removal in the News


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For no other reason than this may be of interest to some:


I suppose that there is going to be more of this kind of thing after the VW debacle.

I wonder when 'the media' will get as wise to EGR blanking and NOx pollution? Common advice for Mondeo TDCi Euro3 owners (once I was, and did it...) over on Talkford, and indeed here for those with oil burners.

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I cant find where I read it but there was something a while back which said there might be someting been added to MOT testing but it was only going to effect EuroV engines.  In any case, any changes to the MOT will take years.  The irony is it is the government own doing.

Step 1, Design a tax system that gives significant tax savings for low CO2 engines and increase tax on higher CO2 engines such as petrol

Step 2, Increase fuel duty making petrol extremely expensive in terms of fuel duty and then penalise them more for higher CO2 output

Step 3, Promote Diesel as a Clean alternative to petrol saving the polar bears.

Step 4, Several years later, Fail to follow through engine regulation changes to see side effects of said system on a car.

Step 5, Future, Further punish low income family's who are the most likely to own a car with a DPF due to favourable taxation originally set by the government and sold by the dealers, cars that are also most likely of an age that will require significant expenditure to repair specifically due to the DPF and EGR and who are the most likely to have insufficient disposable income to fix the problems WHEN it goes wrong.

Its actually disgusting the way this has been handled from the start, if they want to change things for the future than fine, but they shouldn't reapply this retrospectively, yes gutting a DPF is wrong, but the consequences and more specifically the cost of repair were never made apparent to most people who were just trying to save a few quid, a cost which most cant afford on top of all the other annual repairs that needs done.

They should either give grants to cover some of the cost of DPF replacements or they should allow cars with the DPF that's been removed to be reassessed to ensure its taxation meets its actual output.  



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