Looking for an S-max...but which engine?

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Hi everyone. 

I've been searching around here for a few days trying to gather information.

We are looking at an S-max and was set on the 2.0 diesel, but then I saw a few threads saying the 2.2 is a much better option, BUT THEN I saw a few threads saying that for town and school run type trips a petrol is the way to go?!?!?

I'm too confused now.

And I am also confused by he market for the s-max, the variance in prices and conditions is huge!

Any one got any pointers?




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Unless your motoring is going to be predominantly long-ish A- and/or M-way I would avoid a diesel. Diesels take quite a bit longer to reach operating temperature so for short journeys they're inefficient and you won't realise the benefit of better mpg. Coupled with that there are the problems associated with diesel particulate filters that won't regenerate unless you can drive at cruising speed for at least 20 minutes after the engine has reached normal temperature.

If your journeys are mostly town and school run as you've stated my advice would be to opt for a petrol.

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