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Corsica rocks...are bad for the bodywork


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Just back from a great holiday in Corsica - I would highly recomend to anyone looking for a mix of sea and mountain and excellent hiking country and scenery.


Enjoyed the driving there as well with very windy roads along the coast and up into the mountains, though my passengers maybe didn't appreciate it quite as much as me.  The Focus handled it all very well...except for one of the rougher mountain passes which I would barely call a road.  I was following one of those Japanese mickey-mouse pretend 4WDs and discovered that they do have higher ground clearance than the Focus when I heard the grinding noise from underneath.  Anyway its not too bad but has left a gash in the plastic trim and paintwork in the door sill as per the photos, but no damage to anything behind as far as I can see.


Given this car is soon to be 10 years old I will not spend a fortune at the body shop to fix it up to look new.  Will more likely do just what is needed to stop it from rusting and deteriorating.  Any one have any recomendation for products to use or a process?  I would guess I should clean it up by taking off any loose paint and put on a primer and top coat of paint?  Not too bothered about colour matching given where it is.  The plastic trim is a bit loose now in this area but not about to fall off - is there a risk it works its way off through vibration and time?  Thanks for any suggestions.



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OK thanks - would a touch up stick be enough to protect against rust in the long term or should I put on some kind of primer / undercoat for extra protection? 

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11 hours ago, biff55 said:

at least you had a nice holiday , thats the main thing  :-D

Yeah there is that, but didn't stop me from being !Removed! off when this happened.

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Wouldn't even worry about that!  It's not through the bare metal is it?  Just looks like primer?  So it won't rust.  I'd probably replace that plastic chassis cover if they're cheap used though.

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