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Focus 2013 performance issue MPL


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I was using Ford Focus Zetec 2003 5Door manual petrol, which give me 10.5 MPL on motor way (Tesco Unleaded)

Now I just changed car to 2013reg - 
Ford Focus Zetec 2013 5 Door Manual Petrol.
This is giving me 8MPL on motor way (Tesco Unleaded)

I do lot of travel that makes lot of difference to me. 
I have three questions please

1. Am I not allowed to use Unleaded95? Fuel cap sticker written Super Unleaded, Super Premium. And manual says minimum 95Ocatane.
Please suggest

2. Car seems to be struggling to pickup quickly while mergin to motorways, means it takes more time to reach from 50mph to 70mph though more gas given. Also this doesn't pickup good in the uphills. 
Please suggest

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Which engines in each?

I assume MPL is miles per litre? Not used to seeing it as that, so don't know what it should be.

If same engine in both, then it will be worse as the 2013 is a heavier car.

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The new one with POOR peformance is (34MPG) : Focus 2013 Zetec 1596cc 5Door Petrol CO2 165g/km
The existing one with NO issues is  (47.5MPG): Focus 2003 Zetec 1596cc 5Door Petrol CO2 136g/km
Is this something diagnosed and fixable by servicing centre? what could be possible issue, do I need to put Unleaded99?

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I don't think there is anything wrong with the MPG you are getting personally.

You were doing very well on the 2003 before.

MK3 is much heavier and 36 is about where I would expect the 1.6 to sit. Pulling a heavier car will also make it feel underpowered.

The 1.6 N/A is underpowered for the Mk3 really :(

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My 1.6 mk 3 focus feels lagging in the power department too, and is returning similar mpg.

I'm not convinced 'this is normal' - it feels like it has more to give, and over 60mph it has no hesitation getting to 80. Problem is getting to 50 - 60mph.


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