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Key stuck in ignition and ticking noise from engine


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Hi All

New to the forum, bought a 2007 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi Diesel LX model last week. 125k miles on the clock. TB done at 88k. No history of whether clutch or turbo was done in the past but both seem fine. 

2 issues I am looking for help with please (apologies if they have been addressed previously).

1. Key stuck in ignition (see pics attached)

Some might ask, why would you buy a car with a key stuck in the ignition (many already have!), but I got a very good price on the car and with some quick research hope this isnt a massive problem to fix. My 2 biggest concerns are theft and the impact on the battery. I left the car idol in a carpark for 3 days when away for the weekend and it started fine on my return, but whenever I open the driver door I am getting the beeping alert that the key is still in the ignition and I believe this is not fully shutting down the electronics? Is that correct? Has anyone every encountered this problem before? In the pictures I have removed a fob that slots in and has like a 2 step key instruction on it?


2. Ticking noise when cold

There is a ticking noise coming from the engine when the car is cold primarily, from previous experience with diesels I initially thought this might be something small like the fan belt but a mechanic friend of mine (with very little english) claimed it could be something to do with an injector and that has me worried. Considering the NCT (MOT) is only 2 months old I assuming there is nothing majorly wrong with the engine, and do plan on going to a ford dealer as soon as I get time to get a checkup/ diagnostics test / service, but hopefully these are expenses I can spare thanks to the knowledge on this forum!


Any help greatly appreciated, and if I havnt provided enough information please let me know and I will provide more.







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