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2006 Focus 1.8 TDCI - Cutting out


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Hi, hoping someone might be able to help with a problem I'm having, have a 2006 Ford Focus mkII, 1.8L diesel 117k miles on the clock. Engine silently cuts out when bringing vehicle to a stop e.g at traffic lights. Not juddering, no noise - as if it's got no fuel but plenty in the tank. When I try to start again it turns over fine but engine won't fire and eventually I get an engine systems fault message on the display and red light to the right.

Diagnostic codes returned from OBD are:

P0089 - Fuel pressure regulator performance
P2135 - Throttle position sensor error

It's with the mechanic now, just waiting on a call. Would be great to get some feedback from someone with experience in this area as to what the problem might be. Mechanics initial suggestion is possibly need to replace either the fuel pressure regulator or potentially the whole fuel pump, does this sound right? Anyone have other suggestions?


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I guess this has been fixed by now, but Engine systems fault suggests CAN bus problems to me. This can cause all sorts of odd error messages and codes, as all the major modules communicate over it.

A deeper diagnostic scan than the standard OBD is advised. ForScan with an ELM adapter (free s/w download, and form about £10 for the ELM) is an excellent tool. This may show up CAN bus related errors.


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